Venice Road and Vineyards

So what is Venice and Vine? Well, in one sense it’s the story of Dominique and Gustave, two city-slickers who decided to move out of Los Angeles and up to the gorgeous wine country of Paso Robles, CA. 

More specifically, however, “Venice and Vine” is the name of our new house. This was inspired by two considerations; (a) the house is on Venice Road, and (b) the property is surrounded by vineyards (grape vines). There will be more to come on the home. It’s currently in the planning stages. We will share the build process as it gets started (hint: it will be a modern farmhouse).

This blog is a way for us to share our journey from the big city to “Cowboy Country”. It is a major life change for us, and not without its challenges. But we are having a blast.

We are also writing about our interests, as well as the places we have visited. Not just in Paso Robles, but all along the Southern Coast of California. Restaurants, shopping, vintage items, cool places, lifestyle, design, you name it, we’ll probably cover it here.

Explore the menu headings along the top to see blog posts on various topics.

Dominique walks through what will one day be our house.

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