On the North end of Los Alamos, CA, you will find a restaurant called Flatbread. Dominique and I have passed it many times on our way through town, but it is only open for lunch on the weekends (dinner on weekdays), so it was usually closed. However, the last time we trundled past, Flatbread was open – and bustling. We cranked a U-turn, parked, and went in. It was not what we expected.

The entrance to Flatbread.

Inside is a big bar, and the decor sort of took our breath away for a few seconds. A very hip place, though it’s difficult to capture the vibe in pictures. I’m sure that at night it would be real cool.

The bar at Flatbread.

They have a lot of outdoor seating, both on the front porch and around the side. We debated sitting outside, but since we love bars, we bellied up.

Dominique is ready for a glass of wine and a meal!

Although Flatbread’s menu is varied, pizzas are definitely their specialty. So we ordered two glasses of local wine and two pizzas from their wood fired oven.

The Flatbread pizza oven.

Man, were those good pizzas! Probably some of the best we have ever tasted.

Flatbread grows some of their ingredients on the premises.
Lots to choose from for the beer lovers.
The outside patio is dog friendly for sure. We love that.
Business cards on Oyster shells. Nice touch.
I ordered an espresso from the pump-action machine.
The bill was delivered inside an old novel. Quite unique.

For lunch or dinner, we highly recommend flatbread. Nice place, great people, wonderful atmosphere and fantastic food. Word has it the proprietor of Flatbread taught Bob at Wells Bread a few things in the early days. Now the two are sort of bookending the town!

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