There is a road in West Paso Robles named “Vineyard Dr”. About as appropriate as a name could be, as the road is quite long, and utterly peppered with gorgeous wineries. Dominique had been down this road recently and had seen a barn which she said was very cool. As we were in the process of designing our own barn for Venice Rd, she felt we should drive out there together for a closer inspection. “Let’s go!” I replied. After about 5.5 miles of driving down the twists and turns of Vineyard Dr, we pulled into the HammerSky winery, and saw this:

The HammerSky barn.

Hot diggity, this was just what the doctor ordered. The proportions were just what we were looking for, but what we really wanted was some measurements. How tall were the side walls, what was the length and width of the main building, what was the roof pitch? We did not feel comfortable walking right up to the barn and whipping out a tape measure. We decided it prudent to go over to the tasting room first, and see if maybe we could ask for permission. Turning right onto a gravel path, this was the view of the tasting room:

HammerSky wine tasting building.

Though not quite a modern farmhouse, the tasting room has design features we like a lot. As we came closer the soothing sound of a fountain made itself heard, creating a very relaxed mood. The weather was beautiful, not too warm, just a light breeze (this was early May). The place seemed pretty quiet, we turned the corner to the outdoor patio, and proceeded to fall in love.

HammerSky outdoor patio.

Seriously, can you imaging a more perfect place to sit and sip wine? There was just one couple there, enjoying the weather outside, and there was one young lady (Melanie) working. We went in, started chatting, one thing led to another, and although we’d had no intention of tasting any wine, before you could blink, there we were on the patio, joining the other couple. We exchanged some conversation, then the other couple wrapped up and we were left alone with Melanie, who was quite gracious. She explained the ins and outs of HammerSky, as she poured wine for us to taste. The wine was excellent. Eventually we divulged our original reason for being there, and politely asked if we could “measure up” the barn. No problem, she said.

Picnic area at HammerSky.

We took a stroll around the grounds, taking it all in. Melanie and her husband manage and take care of the winery, and can take a lot of credit for how well it presents, and how welcoming it is. Really a place where you want to stay and chill for a while.

Fountain in front of tasting room.
Another “vignette” where one can kick back and relax.

There is an old house on the grounds, which was the original residence from when this was a working farm. It is a historical monument. And you can rent it out to stay the night. Details are on the HammerSky website. It would be perfect for a wedding party, or even just a group staying in the area for wine tasting.

The original farm residence at HammerSky.
The bathrooms, inside the small barn.

There are some 250 wineries you can visit in Paso Robles. We recommend you put HammerSky on your short list.

Against All Odds, Heritage and Straight de Barrel wines from Hammersky.

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