Acacia House

This is a promotional video for another home designed and built by Dominique. This was our own personal residence, so the furniture you see is ours.

Industrial Farmhouse is the best way to describe the exterior style. Paris Boutique Hotel summarizes the interior pretty well. It’s that way Dominique and I like to live.

The house is super insulated with closed cell spray foam defining the entire envelope. We also added fiberglass batt to code, yielding very high overall R-values. We also used hydronic radiant floor heating with 7 zones. We wanted a ductless house, and did not add AC. This was near the beach so open windows provided all the cooling we ever required.

The original Acacia House.
Looking back at the house from the rear. Garage on the left.

Here is the outdoor living area, closely connected to the kitchen.
One view of the kitchen.
Another view of the kitchen. Column fridge and freezer in the pantry.
Old garage side-door used as an entry to the powder room.
Old wood reclaimed from the original house.
Family room with hanging television and speaker system.
The living room, looking into the dining room (left) and entry (right).
The office. Large metal and wood armoires were from Restoration Hardware.
The dining room. Large enamel clock came off of a building in France.
The master bedroom with custom made tufted head and foot boards.
The master bathroom with back-to-back vanities.
A different view of the master bathroom. Vintage medical cabinet on left.

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