Niner Estates

Niner Estates is a winery next to Highway 46 just West of Paso Robles (on the way to Cambria). It is considered an “estate” because much of their grapes are grown onsite, instead of being purchased from other growers.

We had been wanting to visit their tasting room because the building looks fantastic from the road. A giant modern farmhouse, just the type of style we love. So on another rainy day in February, Dominique, Cassandra, Rico and I set out for the short drive from Baby Oak to go check it out.

Entrance to the Niner Estates wine tasting room and restaurant.

The interior of the tasting room is very expansive, with massively tall vaulted ceilings and giant wooden beams. It’s worth the price of a wine tasting ($15) just to see it.

Interior of Niner tasting room.

We bellied up to the tasting bar, with Rico kicking back in his dog stroller. We ordered three tastings. On the first sample the young lady mentioned that the grapes had been grown on “Heart Hill”. Intrigued, I asked what that was. She said “turn around”. Whoa, yes, there it was, plain as day. On the hill outside the tasting room, in the middle of a vineyard, was a cluster of Oak trees which perfectly formed the outline of a heart.

View from the tasting room at “Heart Hill”.

The funny thing is, this heart on the hill is one of those things you never notice, but once you’ve seen it, you cannot unsee it. Even from the highway it is very obvious once you know to look for it.

Another view of “Heart Hill”.

As for the wine, well it was quite good. Dominique and I are far from connoisseurs to be honest. We usually like a wine or we don’t. The only wines I ever tasted that were obviously exceptional were the decades old Bordeaux’s that Dominique’s father used to break out on special occasions. Dominique and I did buy a couple of bottles of Niner Estates. We drank one for Valentine’s Day dinner Chez Baby-Oak.

Niner Estates “Super Paso” and “Silhouette du Coeur”.
Niner Estates outdoor patio area.

Niner has gorgeous outdoor seating areas in case someone wants to buy a bottle of wine and kick back to enjoy it. On the day of our visit it was a bit too cold and windy to sit outside. But Spring and Fall should be magnificent. Niner also has a restaurant which is highly regarded. Reservations recommended.

Niner Restaurant Menu – Steak Au Poivre – Oh yes please!

If you’re in the Paso area for wine tasting (and well, who isn’t right?) then put Niner Estates on your list. It is well worth it.

Old Oak tree at Niner Estates.

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