Venice Brunch

On a beautiful late October Sunday afternoon recently, Dominique, her parents, and I had brunch out at our property on Venice Rd, in Templeton, CA. We have a bunch of teak furniture that we bought from Smith and Hawken just before they closed. We’ve had it set up in the backyard of our last two homes, but currently have no room for it at Baby Oak in Paso. So we set it up at the top of hill on our 10 acre lot, just set it right on the grass. The views from up there are real nice.

Ray and Lise, Dominique’s parents, were up visiting Paso Robles, and our new little house at Baby Oak. The weather was good, so we packed a lunch, French style, and drove out to Venice Rd. We set things up and uncorked the Champagne! Munched on sandwiches and grapes. It was a wonderful time.

brunch at venice with Ray and Lise 10-18 (1)

Bruch at Venice Rd, me with my mouth full.
Raymond brunch at Venice 10-18

Raymond is clearly enjoying himself!
Lise brunch at Venice 10-18

Lise, rockin’ the movie star sunglasses!

Sometimes the most beautiful moments in life come to you when you least expect it. Good food, good company, a beautiful view and fabulous weather, what more could one want from and afternoon.

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