Glamping is often interpreted as staying overnight in a vintage camper, sort of “B&B-style”. A host may have one or two campers, or even a whole fleet of them, and make the units available for overnight stays. Since the campers themselves can be quite small, there will sometimes be additional amenities available outside the camper, such as a building housing a bathroom and shower, or a common gathering spot.

At AutoCamp they have taken this concept to the next level. The result is somewhat like a luxury hotel, but with the “roughing it” aspect of camping blended in. Dominique had a dream of doing something like this years ago, but these AutoCamp has executed the concept in an exceptional style – top notch. Be sure to check out the gallery at their site. We would love to go there – it looks fantastic. AutoCamp was written up at Remodelista.

The Russian River AutoCamp has several gathering spots where guests can sit around a fire, either in their own group or communally with fellow campers.




There are nice external bathrooms available for those staying in campers without their own.


Although some of the campers have pretty nice bathrooms of their own.


Sleeping quarters in the campers have exceptional views.


AutoCamp features many of the desirable Airstream campers, but they also have smaller units, as well as tents (which offer another style of Glamping).



Our friends Kristy and Evan at RĂªves de Moutons also offer a glamping experience with their ‘Petite Suites’ campers. The campers are new, but built to a vintage style with full kitchens and bathrooms. The Moutons (as we affectionally refer to them) are 15 minutes North of Paso Robles, CA, and their property is a working sheep farm (with goats and chickens too).



The three campers, named Bliss, Harmony and Joy, encircle a community fire pit and dining area.



The views from the camp site are amazing.


As a useless anecdote, while checking out the Russian River AutoCamp location online I realized this is near an area that I frequented with my friends in the early 80’s. We’d hang out at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville, near the old bridge. And a few times my friend Troy and I climbed up, and jumped off the top of the girders of the old bridge, into the Russian River, which scared the hell out of the motorists. Ah, good times…

The Old Guerneville Bridge

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