Sausal, in El Segundo, CA, is one of the best Mexican-style restaurants we have ever eaten in. It is not typical Mexican fare, it’s a variation, sort of “Rancho-Mexican” if that can be imagined. It is located at the intersection of Main St and E Franklin Ave, just adjacent to Smokey Hollow. The hippest location in El Segundo for sure, with Rock & Brews, The El Segundo Brewery and the Brewport Taphouse all on the same corner. It is always busy here.

Guess where we usually sit? That’s right city-slickers, at the bar. On our most recent visit, we had just finished clearing the last of our stuff out of our old home in El Segundo, then found we were quite hungry, so looked at the time, and “Hey, guess what? It’s Happy Hour at Sausal!” Off we went.

The very cool bar at Sausal.

The bar at Sausal is up there with the best. It has the beautiful mural theme behind it. And the bottles are lit up very tastefully, so that you can’t actually see the LED strip lights (bar owners take note, light your bottles!). Of course you can’t sit at the bar in a Mexican restaurant and not have a margarita right? In this case a couple of Rancho Margaritas.

Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into this one?

We started with one of our favorite appetizers, the Tres Salsas. These are just delicious, with homemade oversized tortilla chips.

Tres Salsas apetizer.

For Happy Hour Sausal has some tasty tacos on the menu. That is what I always get, though Dominique this time went for a Quinoa/Kale salad type of thing (quel domage). She says it’s great though and I believe her.

Sausal Happy Hour menu.

If you ever go to Sausal outside of Happy Hour then consider their Chile Verde. One of the best I’ve ever had. Another nice thing about Sausal is that the designer took care to incorporate acoustic damping into the ceiling, so that the place is not an echo chamber. Nice touch.

Interior Mural at Sausal.
Sausal on Main Street. There is some outdoor seating.

Should you ever find yourself in the Los Angeles South Bay area, and hungry, consider Sausal. We recommend it highly. Fat Max Approved.

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