Dominique’s birthday fell on a cold and cloudy day this December. To celebrate we decided to take a drive from our home in Paso Robles to the Coast. We had been to Cambria once, for a short time. But I wanted to check out Cayucos. So we packed up the dogs in the wagon and hit the road. We drove down to Atascadero and then out Hwy 42 to Morro Bay.

Morro Bay with Morro Rock in the background and a gorgeous sky.

We stopped at an antique place on the way in to Morro Bay. We nosed around for a while, but we were both getting a bit peckish, and I told Dominique that there would be many other antique shops along our tour. So we drove around Morro Bay a bit and then headed North to Cayucos.

I had done a bit of preliminary scouting online and had a good idea of where I wanted to eat. The place is called Schooner’s.

Schooner’s from the street at dusk.

It’s not a huge place. They have some indoor dining, and some outdoor dining upstairs, and then there is the bar, which is where we chose to eat. We frequently choose to eat at the bar at any restaurant we go to. It’s simply more fun, and you get to chat with the bartender or patrons. And bars are just cool to look at. We chose a corner table with a great view out the window.

View from corner table in the bar at Schooner’s.

The menu was simple. The fish and chips seemed to be the house specialty, and “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. So that’s what we ordered. We also asked for a couple of Bloody Marys, another house specialty.

There’s nothing like a Bloody Mary for lunch.

The bar started to get pretty crowded. Probably about 50/50 locals and out-of-towners. The TV was showing Red Bull Soap Box Derby racing from Holland of all things. And it was hilarious, the whole bar got into it. The fish and chips (Halibut) where just awesome, highly recommended.

After lunch we went for a walk out on the Cayucos Pier, which is just next to the restaurant. Being December, there were almost no tourists, things were very quiet, which is a special thing on a winter’s day.

Looking back towards town from the Cayucos Pier.

If you look at the sky in the photo above, this is what I like to call an “Upside-Down Sky”. Sometimes the bottom of the clouds takes on a pattern that make it appear as if you were looking down on them from above, like looking down at the clouds out of an airplane.

When we got back from our walk we hit a couple more antique shops, then hopped in the car for the half hour drive back to Paso. A great day.

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