Nugget is a Chihuahua. His family have been close friends with Dominique’s family for many years. Nugget has that special small dog quality – attitude. The Nug just owns it. Every time I see a picture of him it makes me smile. The little dude is such a ham. Maybe looking through this pics will brighten your day as well.

nugget 1
nugget 2
nugget 3
nugget 4
nugget 5
nugget 6
nugget 7
nugget 8
nugget 9
nugget 10
nugget 11
nugget 12
nugget 13
nugget 14
nugget 15
nugget 16
nugget 17
nugget 18
nugget 19
nugget 20
nugget 21
nugget 22
nugget 23
nugget 24
nugget 25
nugget 26
nugget 27
the nug 1
the nug 2
the nug 3

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