Jame Enoteca

November 2018 – This restaurant was renamed Jame Enoteca recently, and has become very popular due to some favorable write-ups in local food articles. You can read more about the restaurant and the chef in this article.

Workshop Enoteca is a new, small restaurant in El Segundo, CA. It is tucked away in the corner of a small strip mall on Main Street. Dominique and I ended up at the Workshop on their opening night (by chance), when we were invited over by a friend. The menu is California inspired Italian, specializing in hand-rolled pastas. The chef, Jackson Kalb, is Michelin trained. Boy, was the food awesome! Dominique and I don’t go out to Italian restaurants all that much, but this was something special. The restaurant emphasizes the “slow-food”, “farm-to-fork” approach that we are both in favor of.

I was curious what “enoteca” meant so I looked it up. The word is Italian/Latin and refers to regional wine shop you might find in Italy. Not surprisingly there is a also a restaurant in Paso Robles named the “Enoteca Restaurant and Lounge“, which we have not been to.

If you ever find yourself in the Los Angeles South Bay area, Workshop Enoteca is worth a visit. Below is the lemon pie, which was to die for.

workshop enoteca 2

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