Bars and Speakeasies

What is it about bars and speakeasies? Dominique and I are just in love with them. Not so much to go and drink in them, but to look at them. Even just in pictures. Some of the coolest interior design you’re ever likely to see is in bars, lounges, and drinking establishments.


Good bars just invoke a desire to want to go and hang out inside. Simply to soak up the atmosphere (and well, maybe have a drink too).

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 1.00.38 PM

When we go out to dinner at a restaurant we will frequently sit at the bar. Just so we can look at the display of bottles, which can be impressive if well arranged and properly lit. But we also sit at the bar so that we feel like we’re part of the action. Watching bartenders do their thing is like watching a campfire. It can be hypnotic.

Acacia bar

I guess it should surprise no one that Dominique and I have a modest little bar set up in our own home. Dominique has a thing about collecting bar paraphernalia. And boy, do we have a lot to it! Much of it is from France, and most of it is vintage. The picture above shows only a very small portion of what we own. Maybe in some future home we’ll build a proper bar with a nice lit display for the bottles.


Coaster from Reubens Distilling and Brewing – El Segundo CA 2016

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