This is a place for fun photos that don’t really merit a unique blog post…

Always stop to smell the roses.
Great neon sign outside Giuseppe’s in San Luis Obispo.
Sunset over Baby Oak, Paso Robles, October 2018
mountain top
Yeah, that little spec at the top of the mountain is me, waving back at my friend Jim, who took the photo with one of those cardboard film cameras from the 90’s. Location is somewhere in the High Sierras.


Seven Seas
Ah, the 80’s. So wrong, and yet, so right.
Arhaus cover
Old house with gorgeous patina on Arhaus catalog cover.
JR cooling his privates sm
Junior cooling his privates on the rear seat AC vents – Bliss…
tiles & feet
Dominique snaps a shot of the bathroom tiles at the Concord Project
Restaurant Domani Paris
Lunch at Domani – Paris 2016 (fabulous Italian food in the 7th)
Head of David
Ridiculously Large Head of David – Marché aux Puces – Paris 2016
Rico naps at Baby Oak
Rico takes a nap at “Baby-Oak” – July 2018 Paso Robles
Lunch at Baby Oak, November 2018