Dominique and I have been slowly getting the vintage travel-trailer bug. It started years ago. We love vintage anything, cars, trucks, houses, furniture, clothes. Especially if it has original patina. The two fo us are bona fide patina-junkies. For a time we contemplated living in a small Airstream on our Venice property during the construction... Continue Reading →


Glamping is often interpreted as staying overnight in a vintage camper, sort of "B&B-style". A host may have one or two campers, or even a whole fleet of them, and make the units available for overnight stays. Since the campers themselves can be quite small, there will sometimes be additional amenities available outside the camper,... Continue Reading →


Nugget is a Chihuahua. His family have been close friends with Dominique's family for many years. Nugget has that special small dog quality - attitude. The Nug just owns it. Every time I see a picture of him it makes me smile. The little dude is such a ham. Maybe looking through this pics will brighten... Continue Reading →

Vintage Campers

Probably most folks have heard of "Glamping". There are various interpretations of the term, but many associate it with the Vintage Camper lifestyle. Here is a photo of a typical modern Glamping site. Vintage campers seem to invoke in us a romantic look back at a bygone era when life perhaps was simpler and the... Continue Reading →

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