Cow Town

Parkfield, CA, is considered to be a true old Western Town. Perhaps the most Western town remaining in the State. And it is not a ghost town. Folks still live and work here, as ranchers mostly, and farmers. Town population is a robust 18 individuals (though more live in the surrounding area). Old windmill-powered well... Continue Reading →

Funk Zone

There is a neighborhood in Santa Barbara, very near Stearns Wharf, which has come to be known as "The Funk Zone". It's not a large area, a few blocks in each direction. The place where the Funk Zone exists now used to be a grungy industrial zone, with train tracks running right down the middle.... Continue Reading →

Venice In Fall

Dominique and I drove up to our Venice Rd property today. It was a rainy, wintery type of day, so we thought we'd just go and soak up the feeling. We were both very surprised when we got to the top of the lot and saw that all of the vineyards, which are green in... Continue Reading →

Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney Blvd. is in Venice California. It is named after Abbot Kinney, the man who originally developed Venice CA based on his favorite city, Venice Italy. Hence the canals he built, some of which still exist. There is one area of this boulevard, maybe 4-5 blocks long, which has become a very fun destination.... Continue Reading →


If there were only one place outside the States that Dominique and I could ever visit, it would be France. We cannot get enough of the country and its culture. Dominique has 100% French blood running through her veins and has lived and worked in Paris. I am Dutch by birth, but the Dutch are... Continue Reading →

Ours at last

Ours at last. 10 acres of land in wine country. Specifically in Templeton, which is just South of Paso Robles on the Central California Coast. The property is on Venice Rd, hence the inspiration for the name of this site.We closed escrow on 7-2-18, after a 6 month search in the surrounding area, trying to... Continue Reading →

The “pinky-swear”

Dominique and I were driving from LA to the Bay Area. My step-father had passed away and my sisters and I needed to sort what remained of my Mother's items and affairs. My mother's home was in Lucas Valley (Marin County). As was common for us, we decided to drive up the 101, instead of... Continue Reading →

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