Niner Estates

Niner Estates is a winery next to Highway 46 just West of Paso Robles (on the way to Cambria). It is considered an "estate" because much of their grapes are grown onsite, instead of being purchased from other growers. We had been wanting to visit their tasting room because the building looks fantastic from the... Continue Reading →

Tin City

Tin City is a little area in Paso Robles which was developed specifically to attract wine makers, beer brewers, restaurants and other local craft artisans. It has been very successful. It is called "Tin City" because all the buildings are clad in steel, in a modern industrial fashion. It bears many similarities to its cousin... Continue Reading →


Sausal, in El Segundo, CA, is one of the best Mexican-style restaurants we have ever eaten in. It is not typical Mexican fare, it's a variation, sort of "Rancho-Mexican" if that can be imagined. It is located at the intersection of Main St and E Franklin Ave, just adjacent to Smokey Hollow. The hippest location... Continue Reading →

Bob’s Well Bread

If you're from the South-Central Coast of California, you may have heard of Bob's Well Bread. Maybe you've even been there. If not, then you should plan a visit if you ever find yourself in the area. It's worth it. A Mocha and a Pain Au Chocolate at Bob's Well Bread. Bob's Well Bread is... Continue Reading →


Dominique's birthday fell on a cold and cloudy day this December. To celebrate we decided to take a drive from our home in Paso Robles to the Coast. We had been to Cambria once, for a short time. But I wanted to check out Cayucos. So we packed up the dogs in the wagon and... Continue Reading →

Venice Brunch

On a beautiful late October Sunday afternoon recently, Dominique, her parents, and I had brunch out at our property on Venice Rd, in Templeton, CA. We have a bunch of teak furniture that we bought from Smith and Hawken just before they closed. We've had it set up in the backyard of our last two... Continue Reading →

Be a Calivore

What's a "Calivore" you might ask? It refers to a Californian who eats and drinks products produced in California. Locally. Farm to Table. Farm to Fork. That kind of thing. The term is promoted by the California Bountiful Foundation. There is also a fun TV program in California called "California Bountiful". The show currently airs... Continue Reading →

Jame Enoteca

November 2018 - This restaurant was renamed Jame Enoteca recently, and has become very popular due to some favorable write-ups in local food articles. You can read more about the restaurant and the chef in this article. Workshop Enoteca is a new, small restaurant in El Segundo, CA. It is tucked away in the corner of... Continue Reading →

Bars and Speakeasies

What is it about bars and speakeasies? Dominique and I are just in love with them. Not so much to go and drink in them, but to look at them. Even just in pictures. Some of the coolest interior design you're ever likely to see is in bars, lounges, and drinking establishments. Good bars just... Continue Reading →

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