Backyard Bliss

In 2008 Dominique and I moved to an area of Los Angeles called Lake Balboa. The home was a typical California bungalow/ranch. Single story with wood shingles and stucco. Dominique designed an addition to the home to double the square footage. In the back of the yard was a concrete pad that used to serve... Continue Reading →

Acacia House

This is a promotional video for another home designed and built by Dominique. This was our own personal residence, so the furniture you see is ours. Industrial Farmhouse is the best way to describe the exterior style. Paris Boutique Hotel summarizes the interior pretty well. It's that way Dominique and I like to live.... Continue Reading →

Big Oak

Here is a promotional video for a spec home that Dominique designed and built on Oak St. in El Segundo. 4000 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms. We call it "Big Oak" because we now live on a different Oak St, in Paso Robles, in a very small 800 sq ft house. This is, logically,... Continue Reading →

Dominique on Design

In this video Dominique discusses what is important to her when designing a house - her design philosophy.  This was done as a promotional video made for Velux skylights, which De Bilt has featured in all of its homes.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is an architectural style which Dominique and I are both in love with. We were first exposed to this style on a trip to Austin, TX circa 2015. Austin has a ton of unique architecture, but this particular form was one that really appealed to us. The most prominent feature of a Modern... Continue Reading →

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